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Buying And Selling Horses

Today it is often more difficult than going to the local stable to buy or sell a horse, in some cases it is even difficult to find a stable in the area. There is another way to buy or sell a horse today and that is on the Internet, there are reputable websites where advertisements can be placed to sell a horse and this is also a good place to begin looking for a horse to buy.

Horses, unlike most other things bought and sold, have a health history, a temperament and certain breeds are meant for certain tasks in life. The owner who is selling a horse has certain things that they can do to ensure the horse is sold in a reasonable amount of time and that it is sold to the correct new owner.Selling A HorseIt is important to match the horse with the best possible owner for several reasons, the first of course is that is it a smooth sale and the second reason is to ensure the horse will have a good quality life and be treated properly.Some ways to ensure this is to list the horse at a reputable website where it will attract quality buyers. Then the advertisement should also be properly written with a catchy title to attract views. Photographs should also be a part of this advertisement, an advertisement with accurate and clear photographs will have a much better response.

It should include the sex of the horse, the age along with the height and weight. In this advertisement it should also tell about the breed of the horse including any cross breeding.The advertisement should also have information about the horse that might not be seen from photographs, things that only an owner can know, including the horses’ temperament. The advertisement should also be filled with any other pertinent or interesting information about the horse and its background and his appearance.

This advertisement should also include accurate contact information so that interested buyers will be able to make contact and any email or telephone messages should be answered promptly. One thing that should always be done is to make a decision on the type of payment and stick with that, there are scams whenever selling anything and to avoid this a potential buyer should be checked out prior to accepting a check with their bank to ensure they are a member of that bank. There are also other ways of taking payment such as a cashiers check; this is an amount of money that has already been paid to the bank to draw this check. If selling the horse to a potential buyer that wants to send a check and have you send them the balance back, disregard this buy as a fraud. This is an Internet scam that has cost many unknowing and trusting people money because these checks are not good and the person is in a country that will not prosecute them.

The final step in most cases is done is to draw up a bill of sale that also includes buy back rights. In the event the buyer at anytime decides to sell the horse the original owner will have the option to buy the horse back. The buyer and the seller each receive a copy of the sale agreement.

Buying A Horse
When buying a horse there is as much information that needs to be researched as when selling a horse. One of the first things that needs to be decided is how experienced is the person who is looking for the horse and what they plan to use the horse for, such as riding, showing or racing.

This can determine what type of horse to look for when reading the advertisements for horses for sale. Depending on experience and what type of horse they buyer is looking for they also might want to read the listings of horses for sale to avoid the untrained horse. The untrained horse takes an experienced person and they can take months to train making this an unfit match for the new rider and even the intermediate rider.

The age of the horse is also a factor, the new rider in most cases are not suited well with the young horse, because this horse is not as well mannered or calm as an older horse would be with the new rider.If the buyer is going to look for a horse in the Internet they want to make certain that they are searching for the right horse on a reputable website. Each advertisement should be read over carefully, there are important facts that need to be known before purchasing a horse. The health records of the horse are as important as how nice looking the horse is, an unhealthy horse can be a great expense and also have a tragic ending. The breed of the horse in some cases can also be a factor depending on what the horse is being bought for, as well as its age. This also applies to the buyer who wants to breed the horse.

In many cases when a horse is for sale the buyer can arrange a trial period with the present owner to try the horse out in their surroundings to ensure that it is the proper horse to purchase.

When purchasing a horse from a website on the Internet it is important to have clear concise emails and then phone conversations with the present owner until the time a meeting is arranged.If this is the proper horse and the decision to purchase it is decided then a bill of sale should be drawn up that will protect the buyer in the case that the present owner has withheld any information about the horse that would have stopped the sale.

Above all when buying or selling a horse on the Internet it is important to ensure the site that is used is a reputable one and that they monitor their website to keep it safe for buyers and sellers.

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How to Groom Your Horse

How to Groom Your Horse

By: Susanne Malloy

There are two major components to grooming a horse and they are brushing the coat and cleaning the hooves. There is no right or wrong way to groom your horse, but it is a good idea to get into a routine and always do the process the same way, either feet or grooming first, so the horse can anticipate what you are going to do next.

Start with your horse secured in crossties that are attached to the halter. This ensures that the horse cannot move suddenly one way or the other, plus it frees up both of your hands to work with the grooming. If you are trying to both groom and hold the horse, you are likely going to find this much more difficult and there is a greater chance of injury. With the horse secured, start either on the grooming or on the hooves, whichever you prefer.

Many owners prefer to start by cleaning the hooves, then the horse can relax and enjoy the rest of the routine. To correctly position yourself, stand next to the horses left front shoulder, just to the front of the body. Run your hand, the hand you don t normally hold the pick in, down the front of the leg until you reach the hoof. Most horses that have had their feet cleaned will pick up their foot, but if they don t gently press your shoulder and upper body against the outside of the shoulder, which will slightly move the horse off balance and he or she will shift weight to the other front foot. When this happens pick the left foot up, bending the leg as it would naturally bend back towards the center of the horse s body. Hold the hoof firmly in your hand and use the pick to remove all the debris. Be very careful not to dig into the frog, the soft, triangular shaped center part of the hoof as this can be very sensitive. Repeat this process with the other feet until completed. Be sure to give a treat to the horse between feet to let him know he is doing a great job.

When grooming you can either start with the mane and tail or end with them, whichever suits you and your grooming style best. If the horse is dirty, muddy or has a winter coat, start with the curry comb and groom the entire body using gentle, circular shaped motions that follow the direction of hair growth. Work from the neck to the chest, over the shoulders, down the back along the sides and down the legs. Remember the curry comb is not flexible so be very gentle on the sides and down the legs. If your horse is flinching and twitching away, switch to the dandy brush over the sensitive areas. After the curry comb, follow with the same pattern with the dandy brush, this will flick away all the dust and dead hair. Follow up with the body brush for that shiny, sleek look, and also use the body brush on the face, but not near the eyes. A soft cloth that has been moistened with warm, clear water or a piece of sponge can be used to clean around the eyes and inside the nostrils.

Author Resource:-> Susanne Malloy is an avid equestrian and an editor for http://www.englishsaddleshop.com/, your complete resource for new and used English saddles, riding apparel, and tack.

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