Monday, January 26, 2009

How Important Are Horse Blankets?

It is a common practice to have domestic pets around. However, there are some who prefer to have those gigantic animals, like horses. Horses can be quite hard to manage but once you get the hang of, it can be very fulfilling. Taking care of horses includes providing proper shelter, having the proper horse supply items and keeping them warm. That is why having good horse tack supply items, such as horse blankets, is always practical.

Saddle blankets are made to keep horses warm. These blankets are also ideal for protection from wind and other elements. These types of blankets vary in sizes. In fact, most of them are custom-made to perfectly fit around the body of the horse from his chest to rump. Blankets for horses have straps that cross underneath their belly.

Although the blanket are heavily secured and fastened, horses can still move about freely. The most common of these blankets normally have one or two straps that securely buckle in front. However, there are also some designs with closed front, thus requiring it to be slipped over the head of the horse. Also, there are those that have smaller straps lightly lopped around the hind legs of the horse that help to prevent the blanket form slipping sideways.

By standards, horse blankets are normally kept on the horse when it is traveling or when at pasture or in a stall. These blankets are manufactured for different conditions of weather and there are some that are water resistant underneath. Most blankets are manufactured using more modern materials, similar to the ones used in human outdoor wear. However, these blankets are not only to keep horses warm and secure. There are some blankets for horses that are used to keep the hair of the horse short. When worn during the start of autumn and if the horses are kept in a slightly-lit area for at least sixteen hours a day, they won’t grow a winter coat, which is especially beneficial if the horses are being shown. However, if horses are given a partial trace clip or even a full body clip, then blankets are needed at all times if the weather is cool, since the horses no longer have the natural insulation of a longer coat of hair.
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Coolers are another types of horse blankets. These are those square blankets that are tied and draped over the horse that has just had a bath or that has just completed an intense workout. These blankets are designed to help cool down a horse because it can provide a better air circulation. Always keep in mind the health of your animals. For horses, have the right blankets to keep them warm and safe.

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