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Author: Ismail AbdulAzeez

* Snail farming does not constitute nuisance to the environment;the droppings are generally firm and odourless.

* Snail are noiseless and easy to handle.

* Snail meat is recommended for patients with hypertension and heart attack due to its low level of cholesterol and fat.

* Snail blood is used during male circumcision,making tribal marks by native doctors.

* Snail blood and palm kernel oil in equal parts could be used to treat stroke and headache.

* The shell could be used for ornamental purposes.

* The shell is a source of calcium and phosphorus replacing bone meal and oyster shell in mixing rations for animals.

* Snail farming require little land or space.

* Feed for snails are cheap and could be source locally.

* Snail farming is not capital intensive when compared with other livestock farming.

* Snail meat contain anti tuberculosis qualities.

* Mucous of Helix Promatia favours action of penicillin.

* Slugs(snails) in coconut milk has curative properties for Asthma.

* Ortho calcium phosphate is a curative substance extracted from snails and used in medicine by Japanese for Kidney disease,anaemia,diabetes and circulatory disorder.

* Snail meat is cooked along with other local herbs,for pregnant women to ease labour.

* Snail farming can be done as a part time business.

*snail farming is less stressful compared to other livestock farming.

* Snail farming can be easily incorpoarted in other livestock farming like grasscutter farming.

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