Thursday, March 5, 2009

Why Are Tractor-Trailer Accidents So Dangerous?

Author: Evan Langsted

Why are tractor-trailer accidents so dangerous?

Accidents involving tractor-trailers are more dangerous than typical passenger vehicle accidents because of the size and weight of tractor-trailers. Most tractor-trailer accidents result in the death of the driver of the passenger vehicle involved.

What is the difference between a tractor-trailer accident and a passenger vehicle accident?

Tractor-trailer accidents are not treated in the same way as passenger vehicle accidents because the trucker and the trucking company are subject to different licensing and insurance laws. There are also different state laws that apply to commercial tractor-trailers.

Why do I need an attorney if I have been involving in an accident with a tractor-trailer?

The trucking company and their insurance company both seek to avoid a legal claim being brought against them, and to minimize any payment they may have to make on a claim. After you have been involved in an accident the trucking company’s insurance adjustor will most likely contact you in an effort to obtain a statement. It is not in your best interest to speak to the insurance company, and you are in no way obligated to by law. An experienced tractor-trailer accident attorney can analyze your circumstances and advise you on what steps to take in order to receive the compensation you are entitled to.

What if I was partly at fault?

The laws governing tractor-trailer accidents differ from state to state, but in some cases, even if you are at fault you may be able to recover damages. It is always best to seek the advice of an attorney regardless of your situation. Even if you don’t think you are entitled to compensation, only an experienced tractor-trailer attorney can fully advise you of your rights.

What causes tractor-trailer accidents?

Many things have been known to cause tractor-trailer accidents including:
• Driver fatigue
• Speeding
• Large blind spots
• Inclement weather
• Overloaded trailers

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